• Namaste

  • That is awesome Susan!!! Xoxoxo. Love!!!

  • Compassion heals!

  • That is what life is about......just really being human... Bless you Susan Crowe and the organization

  • So amazing. Well done to both you and Linda!

  • OMG - that is so cool

  • So wonderful.....heart emoticon

  • Beautiful... Thanks for giving us all the chance to experience the joy through you!

  • This brings to mind something that happened to me the other day. While leaving Trader Joes, a man was holding a sign at the corner that stated that he and his 3 children were about to be evicted if he didn't come up with $300 by the end of the day! I knew he was on crutches but as I got closer noticed that he had no foot. It was amputated just below the knee. I feel ashamed that I only gave him $5.00. He held my hand for a bit when I gave it to him. He was crying as he said thank you! 

  • I wish we could all do more to help. So much gratitude for my life! Let's never forget these poor souls!

  • What an honor. Thanks for sharing!

  • WOW Thats awesome!

  • OMG @Linda Durham ...I want one!!! i often drive around w dog stuff..or toiletries in bags in my car to give.. and i am wanting to write a WONDER story for your contest..comming up soon, right?? How can I get more information on this.

  • Wonderful. Benevolent Angels. heart emoticon

  • thank you Linda Durham and thank you Susan Crowe ! this story made me cry,,, Thank you for sharing such a humbling , loving moment,

  • Such a blessing!

  • I was so touched by this story. I love you, mom

  • We are fortunate to be on the side of being able to help beautiful. thank you Susan Crowe

  • Thank you for this beautiful story. God Bless you both! Susan, your heart is as big as the universe xoxoxo Amazing and so touching. What an inspirational story. So glad you got to experience ce this wonderful thing Susan! Xox

  • wow and Thank you for your love. beauty!

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It's starting to 

"Today I was so humbled and felt so connected to humanity by my extraordinary dear friend Linda Durham. You see Linda entrusted in me recently the task of handing out a bundle of money from the World Wide Women of Wonder project. Each bill is signed and donated by women and the bundle is tied up in a neat ribbon bow. I carried it around with instruction to deliver this to a woman in need. I had this for a few weeks and even drove around on Sundays hoping to give this away. Luckily I couldn't find anyone or maybe I just hadn't seen anyone except a few people hanging outside the liquor stores. Well finally today, I saw a woman standing outside the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant with a little sign it said "homeless please help." I parked nearby and walked up to her just as the clouds were darkening and a storm heading our way. She said don't come to close "I have pneumonia" and she was sweating and visibly shaking looking scared and afraid occasionally looking up as the clouds grew darker. I asked if she needed to go to the hospital. She said "yes but I need to get a room before the storm hits." I asked her where she was from and if she planned to speak with someone about getting help for her housing. She said she just left a horrible family situation in Texas and was in touch with a case worker at Life Link. I choked up as I saw her shiver and handed her the bundle of money. I said please go get yourself a room for the night, this donation is from women everywhere who are united in helping each other out. She quickly gathered her things and whispered "thank you." I watched as she scurried past the bus stop towards one of the cheaper hotels on the south side of the street. I am still choked up and so glad that I was asked to do this, but mostly happy that there is one less person on the street as the rain falls in Santa Fe tonight. Thank you Linda Durham for all that you do in this world for others and for passing on the World Wide Women of Wonder project.

Please post where we all can donate to get money in the hands of the recipients here in our backyard who need it now! This really works!"


-Susan Crowe     



Susan volunteered to take a bundle of dollars and find a recipient for this cash gift composed of small donations from generous women. I envision millions of women being inspired to take action in support of women with random actions of encouragement and support like this! If you like the idea please collect a tiny membership fee of One Dollar from friends and bundle them into a gift that you can give to any woman in need, along with a message of love and solidarity from the World Wide Women of Wonder!


Here are some of the comments that Susan’s friends posted on facebook after reading this story: