Seeds of Peace



"These small paper disks have a stylized image of the earth on one side.   The paper is imbedded with wildflower seeds.   Many friends and acquaintances (and a few strangers) wrote prayers and wishes for peace on the backs of the disks.   I took those “seeds of peace” with me on my trip around the world.  I planted them.  Children helped me.  Grandmothers helped me.  Taxi drivers helped me.  Monks helped me.  I like to imagine---now that I am home in New Mexico---that the sun and rain have nourished those prayers and wishes and that friendly flowers of peace are now blooming in Atlanta, Soweto, Lesotho, Morondava, Antananarivo, Bangkok, Yangon, Mawlamyine,  Seoul, Honolulu,  Hilo, Los Angeles and Albuquerque…" -Linda