Artist Salons

The Wonder Institute has presented, hosted and/or facilitated a wide variety of Salons dealing with creativity and communication.  Most are limited to a dozen attendees so that everyone has an opportunity to participate fully. 


Salon topics have included:  Women in Transition; The Business of Art;  Islamaphobia; The Studio Artist; Promotion and Public Relations; Non-fiction writing; Entrepreneurship…


Salons vary in length from an afternoon's discussion to a twelve week seminar. In a recent seminar participating Artists each had the opportunity to mount small, one-person exhibitions of their work in order to discuss and share insights, issues and ideas.


Recent Salon

What Women Most Want was told in story form by poet and wondrous woman, Jonelle Maison, at a small and elegant salon at The Wonder Institute. The story is based on an ancient Arthurian / Chaucerian tale.

Past Salon


The Wonder Institute hosted a poetry reading and book-signing for Jonelle Maison whose collection of poems, Cruisin' Passion Boulevard was recently published by Mercury. Here is my personal bawdy favorite, Crotch Rockets.

Good Girls didn't ride motorcycles.

Stuck to horses if they were lucky

or played that game their girlfriend learned

when she visited her cousins in Ohio -

you know the one.

Good girls didn't straddle 74s

with fringed saddlebags,

didn't feel the white cotton T-shirt

close as hope, soft as a sigh, or

the sharp corners of a Marlboro box rolled in the sleeve.

Good girls didn't know Fruit of the Loom

could be so good.

Good girls didn't dream

of hugging a boy that way,

pelvis tucked into the curve of an older,

smarter behind:

one that knows more than is safe

for a girl who goes to cotillion,

keeps a hope chest.

But honey,

reputation can't be everything

or we'd be a generation of women

who still can't name the parts of the body

that love motorcycles.

All over America 

even in Ohio

women are moaning to their husbands.

Thrill me like a Harley.


“RE-DIRECTIONS: Studio Visits” 


Results-oriented Studio Visits. One-on-one with Linda Durham in your Studio. Un-rushed conversation and consultation addressing your particular questions, needs, and individual professional goals. Discuss, plan, and implement ideas and actions to aid you in building the career and Art Life you desire. 


Fees may vary depending upon studio location and length of visit. Morning or Afternoon sessions available. 
Santa Fe area: $250 for a single session







A problem-solving, discussion-based Salon for motivated mid-career Artists who have reached (perhaps), an impasse in their pursuit of success and/or satisfaction in their work and career. We will identify the professional pitfalls and personal stumbling blocks encountered by the participants in today’s complicated Art World and “excavate” the causes and explore workable solutions.

Eight consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30. Limited to ten Artists. Inspiring guests. Facilitated by Linda Durham. Light refreshments.





An open, informal discussion to consider/explore powerful abstract nouns and the ways in which they inform our work; our lives. Pose questions about inspiration, risk, forgiveness, gratitude, desire, courage, loneliness, strength, love, fear…muse on possible answers. Deepen an exploration of Truth and Beauty as it appears, disappears and reappears in our lives.


  • Facilitated by Linda Durham.

  • Refreshments. Limited to 12 participants.

  • Six consecutive Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30.

  • Fee for ENTIRE Salon: $100. Fee for each Salon: $24

  • Reservations required. 505.466.4001


“The greater the Artist, the greater the doubt.  Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.”

–Robert Hughes






What happens when a group of serious artists sign up to meet and participate, in a safe and creative space, in order to explore and share aspects of their Life experiences, their insights, their studio life and their art? In the case of this six-session Salon at The Wonder Institute, the answer is: magical, memorable, and valuable experiences released and relished in an informative, risk-taking, goal-expanding circle of respect and friendship. The personal and intellectual exchanges among the participants were stimulating as well as inspiring and results-oriented. Ah, there is something magnificent about synergy!

The links to participating artists:


1. Leslie Ayers –
2. Sharon Rose Dozar –
3. Kelly Eckel:
4. Sandra Filippucci:
5. Sandra Halpin -
6. Annell Livingston:
7. Sheila Miles:
8. Jane Shoenfeld:
9. Lori Swartz:




Join Artists, Writers, and Creative Thinkers for informal topic-driven discussions on issues of our Times. Hosted by Linda Durham—with scintillating guests. 
Reservations required. 505.466.4001 
Suggested Donation: $20




All Summer long and into the Fall, artists have been meeting at The Wonder Salon, in groups of ten or twelve, to ponder some of the important topics of the changing World of Art: the economy, the Internet, the explosive proliferation of artists and galleries along with an accompanying shortage of serious venues. Good food, trust, curiosity and stimulating discussions made the Salons at TWI a welcome way-station for serious Artists.

This new and advanced Salon offers each artist an opportunity to install their work in the “small, well-lighted” Institute Gallery for advanced critique. For one week, the artist is invited to share it with collectors and friends by arrangement. Last week, the presenting Artist was Sandra Filippucci whose larger exhibition was a one person show at the Institute to follow the show of work by Clayton Campbell (“Words I Learned Since 9/11“). 

Limited to Twelve Participants
Reservations required. 505.466.4001 




"Linda stands for veracity, tenacity and gusto. A pleasure and a revelation to work with."


-Sandra Filippucci, salon participant

"Linda Durham has dedicated her life to humanitarian pursuits including the fine arts, political equality and economic parity. Her success in raising human consciousness and the promotion of talented creative people have made the world a better place for countless people who range from artists, collectors, art lovers to ordinary folks who may realize through her efforts their own potentially extraordinary potential."


-Wesley Pulkka, Sacred Art Resources

"Pondering questions with other artists is an exploration matched only by the creation of art itself.  TWI gave me a clear space to have meaningful dialogue with imaginative people."


-Lori Swartz, salon participant

"I participated in the Wonder Institute's Fall 2013 Salon after hearing about it from a friend.

As a fan of the Linda Durham Gallery from the 1980's until its closure, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know Linda better and the artists attracted to the Wonder Institute, who acknowledge wonder and inquiry as as an important part of their respective studio practices. The pop-up exhibits of each participant and the conversations that developed from the work that was presented gave insight into my own practice. The opportunity to exhibit work in a new space, free of the marketplace, in an environment focused on the clarity of vision/voice of each artist, was valuable in breaking the isolation of the studio. The Wonder Institute encouraged an expanded vision of art and art venues and re-definition of  how art and artists might show up in the world today."


-Kathleen McCloud, salon participant

"I had the good fortune to participate in a recent salon at The Wonder Institute. I was one of a group of artists  who  presented their work on a weekly basis for 10 weeks. We each had a chance to show the body of work that was important to us and to put into words whatever we chose to amplify our presentation.  The variety of work was stimulating, the energy was generous and the discussion was fascinating. Linda's steadfast support and committment to each one of us as artists was both an anchor and a sail. As a role model and as a engaged participant, Linda encouraged us all to follow the currents of our work and our lives as dedicated artists."


-Jane Schoenfeld, salon participant