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The Trans-Siberian Railway Journey

Chronicle of a Russian Adventure

by Linda Durham

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Lynda Braun's Video Essay

on The Wonder Institute


 Lynda Braun is a serious and accomplished Artist.  Sometimes she lives and paints, photographs and draws in Florida.  Sometimes she lives and makes Art in Santa Fe and sometimes she lives makes Art in New York.  Wherever she is, she spends time looking earnestly and seeing deeply with a very special eye.  From time to time, Lynda has stayed at The Wonder Institute while I was traveling.  During those times, she doesn’t paint or print…she photographs what she sees; what interests her. She sent me this collection of some of her iPhone-snapped images, taken during some of her visits to TWI.  She set the compilation to music and added some poetry.  She sent this to the Institute as a gift.  It is a gift I want to share with others who value the visions and interpretations of Artists-of-Vision. What does an enlightened eye see in an everyday environment that others might fail to notice…or discount…or forget?  This video essay reminds me to look for---and to see--the overlooked beauty in every corner of my life.